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7/24/2005 - 1:57 p.m.

Some Good News

I've talked to Paul again and it looks like plans have changed. He will be staying in Bagram!!! Half of his platoon is still heading down to Ghazni, and being that he's in charge of S&T operations, he'll be making the trip back and forth, but his main base will be Bagram. This means he will continue to have phone and internet access! I'm soooooo relieved and excited! I know our calls are short. I know he's busy and doesn't have time to call or write every day. But it'll be so much better than 3-4 months without communication! I finally do feel both blessed and lucky.

Here on the homefront, I'm still a bit overwhelmed. 4 days until I close on the house. I've made a lot of progress as far as packing goes, but I'm still not finished and I know a ton of stuff will come up at the last minute. Everytime I think I'm almost done, I think of something else I have to do. I'm starting to doubt my ability to handle it all and I'm getting worried about it.

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